This is the story of ‘Attapadi Madhu’, a mentally unstable young tribal man, who was brutally lynched by some heartless youth from the area where he was living alone, inside the forest, a few years ago for no valid reasons.

This film talks about the main reason why Madhu was affected by a mental illness and his immense love towards the forest since his childhood. The “Ecological-Anxiety” from which he was suffering by seeing the dwindling of the forest area around his hamlet because of deforestation and other man made damages, which lead him to become a Schizophrenic and he left the society and started living in a cave inside the forest. After leaving his family and everything in the uncaring society about the wellbeing of the forests, He lives inside the forest for a few years to take care of it, which he thought was his primary duty.

Because of his Schizophrenia, he starts hearing a voice, the voice of the “Mother Nature” from a broken Transistor Radio which he founds in a Garbage near the forest area. The “Mother Nature “talks to him about her sufferings because of the greedy human beings, which makes him very sad and pushes him towards deep depression. In the meantime, he crosses path with few irresponsible youngsters who used to frequent the forest area and cause some damage. This lead to some feud between him and these violent youngsters who start bothering him with violence. Madhu’s anxiety towards the forest intensifies and he becomes a more and more detached from reality. The youngsters’, unwarranted and heartless ill-treatment of Madhu, get them in to some trouble with a forest guard, which makes them to hate Madhu and they develop some serious vengeance towards Madhu.

Madhu becomes very weak and he is not able to hear mother nature’s voice from the broken radio anymore. He becomes more and more depressed and stops eating for few days. But his undying love towards the forest makes him to desire to live again and to take care the forest that he loves the most, he manages to go to the village, even with his very weak physical strength and get some rice to assuage his hunger with the little money that he had. But the angry youngsters with the vengeance accuses him of stealing and they brutally beat up Madhu in his cave which leads to his death and the film ends.

This film allegorically brings the message to the audience that it was not just an innocent Madhu who was killed, in fact it was also the mother nature that was killed by the irresponsible and uncaring humans and it is being done all over the world and that is why the whole world is suffering from the irreparable climate crisis and our great planet is dying.